The Armstrong Regional Cooperative (ARC) is proud to support one local registered non-profit or charity through Fuel Good Day in each of the markets that we operate a Co-op gas bar. (Armstrong, Cranbrook, Salmon Arm, Vernon.)  Fuel Good Day will take place on Tuesday September 17th this year.  On that day 10¢ per litre sold at each of our gas bars is donated to the selected recipient organization in each market.

Application Criteria

  • Groups applying must be a registered non-profit or charity operating within the general trading area of the Armstrong Regional Cooperative. Preference will be given to those who reflect the cooperative principles, support our business objectives and further our brand recognition.

Having an Armstrong Regional Co-op member number is not a requirement to apply as a recipient of funding for Fuel Good Day 2024, however  we do encourage all local non-profits and charities to consider signing up their organization for a Co-op membership.  Oraganization Co-op member numbers can and should be shared with everyone that supports your organization.  All purchases made using that Co-op member number would then be tracked throughout the year and would go towards the annual Patronage cheque issued to your organization at the end of the year.  For more information on Armstrong Regional Co-op memberships please contact us at 250.546.9438.

Please find the Fuel Good Day 2024 application form below: