Community Support

Community Support Program
Requesting Support

Armstrong Regional Cooperative (ARC) is proud to support local community projects, organizations, teams and initiatives.

Funding Criteria

  • Groups must be non-profit and community organizations within the general trading area of ARC with a priority for funding is to assist youth, and those who reflect the cooperative principles, support our business objectives and further our brand recognition.
  • Community level donations will have priority over national donations.
  • Enhance the Co-op’s corporate social responsibility.
  • The following is a list of causes to which ARC considers inappropriate to donate to:
  • Organizations offering or excluding services to recipients on the basis of religious denomination, race, or other specific demographic criteria.
  • Private clubs or organizations.
  • Any organizations involved in promoting controversial issues.
  • Political groups.
  • Individual self-interest. Exceptions may be made for youth education sponsored by Co-op entities.

You will find the form listed below that we require you to complete.