Oil & Lubricants


Co-op has been manufacturing and distributing lubricants in Western Canada for more than 65 years. Co-op offers a wide selection of products designed to service the agricultural, forestry, commercial, construction and automotive markets. All Co-op lubricants are manufactured with select base oils and modern chemistry to provide your equipment with complete protection in all operating conditions. Our lubricants are proudly manufactured in Western Canada and locally available at retail co-ops.

For technical information about the applications/specs, performance features and container package sizes of CO-OP & SONIC lubricant products, see our technical data sheets.

Diesel Motor Oil

Diesel engine oils are designed to protect your heavy-duty diesel engine no matter the working conditions. The D-MO family line includes mono and multi-grade products, as well as conventional, synthetic and full-synthetic products. Technical Data Sheet (PDF)

Gasoline Engine Oil

Elite gasoline engine oils work to protect engines from the heat, friction and wear experienced in today’s advanced gasoline engines. Technical Data Sheet (PDF)

Automotive Gear Oil

For the protection of gear systems in a variety of applications. The conventional and synthetic fluids can be used to defend against wear in passenger cars, farm equipment, heavy and light duty trucks and off-highway equipment. Technical Data Sheet (PDF)

Automatic Transmission Fluid

Sonic ATFs – conventional or synthetic – work to keep your transmission shifting smoothly over long service periods, even in cold weather. Technical Data Sheet (PDF)

Manual Transmission Fluid

Synthetic manual transmission fluid for severe service and extended drains where EP additives are not required. Technical Data Sheet (PDF)

Transmission Drive Train Oil

Constructed for off-highway equipment in the mining and construction industries to protect drivelines, transmissions, hydraulics and wet brake systems. Technical Data Sheet (PDF)

Transmission Hydraulic Fluid

For use in farm equipment with a common sump for the transmission, hydraulics, final drives and wet brakes. The line-up includes conventional, synthetic blend and cold weather formulas to protect a variety of OEM equipment. Technical Data Sheet (PDF)

Industrial Gear Oil

For extreme-pressure gear applications that need protection from wear, rust and corrosion in heavy or shock-loaded systems. Technical Data Sheet (PDF)

Industrial Hydraulic Oil

For the toughest conditions for mobile and commercial hydraulic systems – available in a wide range of viscosities in both conventional and synthetic blends. Technical Data Sheet (PDF)

Recreational Vehicle Oil

Family line of oils engineered to safeguard your summer and winter toys, whether they’re traversing snow, water or land. Technical Data Sheet (PDF)


A premium line-up of greases designed for a variety of applications (mobile and stationary equipment, shock loaded and automated greasing systems) and conditions (cold weather, extreme pressure, high heat and wet environments). Technical Data Sheet (PDF)

Industrial and Miscellaneous Oils

A variety of fluids designed with specific applications in mind, this line-up is designed to keep equipment running at optimal efficiency. See Technical Data Sheets below.

Drill Oil — Sonic AR Drill Oil (PDF)

Chain Oils — Sonic Chain Oil (PDF)

Saw Guide Oils — Sonic Saw Guide Oil (PDF)

Heat Transfer Fluid — Sonic Heat Transfer Fluids (PDF)

Locomotive Engine Oil — Sonic Locomotive Engine Oil (PDF)

Natural Gas Engine Oil — Sonic Natural Gas Engine Oil (PDF)

Turbine Oil — Sonic Turbine R&O Oil (PDF)

Compressor Fluid/Steam Cylinder Fluid (PDF)

Sonic Process Oils (PDF)

Sonic Pig Oil (PDF)

Sonic Vacuum Pump Oil (PDF)

Sonic De-Dusting Oil (PDF) 

**We have a fully stocked warehouse that all of our locations have access to but if we don’t have what you are looking for please ask and we will do our best to order in what you require.