Gas Bar Convenience

We live in a fast paced, mobile society with increasing demands on our time. The Armstrong Regional Cooperative recognizes these challenges and has structured its business to help address these demands. We have three locations to serve your needs in a convenient and professional manner so you can get on with your busy lives. Armstrong Regional Cooperative is equipped to service your fuel and convenience needs, offering competitive pricing and exceptional customer service.

Our convenience stores offer fresh brewed coffee, a large selection of cold beverages, pizza, sandwiches and a wide variety of convenient snacks to complement your busy lifestyle – perfect for your travel around town or to and from work. So stop in and let us serve you today!

Touchless Carwash available at our Salmon Arm location. It’s fast, convenient and easy to use. Our powerful carwash is gentle on your car –  no brushes or cloths touch your vehicle – so it won’t get chipped or scratched. And it cleans your car completely – even the underside!

EV Charging Stations available at our Salmon Arm & Armstrong location. The vast majority of electric car charging happens at home or work, and in British Columbia 95% of all car trips in BC’s urban areas are less than 30km, well within the range of a typical electric car. However, public charging infrastructure is also needed to allow people to top up while they go about their daily errands, to support longer road trips, and to provide peace of mind for drivers, should they need those extra kms.

The majority of Level 2 (240volt) public charging stations are free to use (like the ones at Armstrong Co-op), but there are a few that require drivers to join a service network to access the stations. Members are offered various ways to authorize the use of a charging station, such as scanning a member card at the desired charging station. EV owners can obtain a member card by registering online with the charging service networks. Some networks stations can also be authorized through a smart phone app or a credit card. There are currently three predominant networks in B.C.: ChargePoint, Flo (Addenergie), and GreenLots (for DC fast chargers). Learn more about service networks and membership options in BC.

PlugShare is a wiki-based online map and App of charging stations across North America. There are over 1000 charging stations in BC. Find out where the nearest one to you is.