How do Co-ops contribute to the community?

  • Co-ops are part of the local community.
  • Employees live and work in the local community.
  • As part of the community, co-ops try to operate in a responsible, quiet and considerate manner.
  • Co-ops return their earnins to local members, either in equity or cash. In either case the money stays in the local community. That means shopping at a co-op:
    • helps to strengthen the local economy.
    • keeps profits at home.
    • provides employment and stability for people in the local community.
  • Being locally owned and controlled means that co-ops are there to meet the needs of local residents, not outside investors.
  • Co-ops believe in giving back to the community and typically support a wide range of charitable and community organizations that contribute to the social, cultural and recreational needs of the community.
  • Co-op employees are encouraged to volunteer with local community organizations.
  • Each individual co-op has its own way of contributing to the quality of life in its home community

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